Polar Plots and Circular Statistics in ArcGIS

Direction can be difficult to analyze statistically because of its circular nature. The difference between 1 degree and 360 degrees is the same as the difference between 1 degree and 2 degrees, making it difficult to plug into a typical statistical model. There are issues we often face with directional data while describing and analyzing it. Currently in ArcGIS, there is no robust tool available for directionality. Jeff Jenness, an independent GIS consultant specializing in developing analytical applications for a wide variety of topics, has created a set of tools called Polar Plots and Circular Statistics. This a very helpful tool which could be used for different purposes. This tool is installed as an extension in ArcMap, but it is a type of extension that is automatically loaded. You will not see this extension in the “Extensions” dialog available in the ArcGIS “Tools” menu. It is not dependent on any other extensions or any ArcGIS license level. This extension does not include a separate toolbar so you will need to manually put the tools in an existing toolbar.

Check it out !! Polar Plots for ArcGIS




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