Esri Olympic Maps and Apps

Learn more about the London Olympic Games 2012 with this collection of maps and applications powered by Esri and ArcGIS Online.

Check the collection of the maps……… is very very interesting. One example map is given below.

Where do all the Olympic medals go? (Summer Olympics medal haul by nation)
This proportional symbol map shows the relative medal hauls of different nations since the modern Olympic Games started in Athens in 1896.  It includes all 29 Summer Olympiads up to Beijing in 2008 as the world waits to see who will triumph in London 2012.

The symbols are relatively sized. Each can be clicked to reveal the breakdown of gold, silver and bronze medal tallies via a pie graph…..very very interesting. Check the maps……it is fun !!!!!
Courtesy: ESRI, DeLorme, NAVTEQ

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